Hi! My name's Darren Grey - I make roguelike games and write for other games.

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It is pitch black.  You are likely to eat someone...

Gruesome is a game in which you play the grue, hunting adventurers to eat in dark caves whilst avoiding the painful light of their torches. It was the first game I ever made, using Free Pascal, and is probably still my coolest game.


Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=gruesome

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4

Toby the Trapper

Toby the Trapper is a roguelike in which you can only harm enemies with traps you lay. Control the fast-moving Toby to outwit the smelly ogres and the unique bosses, before taking on the evil might of Wuggy the Warlock. It was made for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2010, but has received some updates since.

Download: Windows and Linux (if anyone can make an OSX build please get in touch)

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=toby-the-trapper

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5

Review on Temple of the Roguelike: http://www.roguetemple.com/2011/01/12/arrp-2010-toby-the-trapper/


When an unstoppable force meets an indestructible object... You are a robot with impenetrable armour, and you wield a gun that fires bullets which cannot be stopped. You fight lesser robots on a looping map – the only danger is yourself as the map becomes ever more filled with your unstoppable shots. Clear each level of its robotic denizens before moving to the next, and eventually face up against the lethal Rogue AI. Created for the October 2010 Four Day Roguelike Challenge (yeah, I made it from scratch in 4 days - still not sure how!)

Download: Windows, Linux and OSX

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=unstoppable

Screenshot: 1

Broken Bottle

Broken Bottle banner

Broken Bottle is a game about alcoholism and brutality in a post-apocalyptic world. It was written for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2011, but has been updated a little since. The game is very story-focused, told from thefirst-person perspective of an alcoholic as he tries to find the surface following a nuclear war. Alcohol also plays an important part in several game dynamics. It is made using DarkGod's T-Engine and written in Lua. Windows users can download the standalone version (preferred). Those on OSX or Linux will need to download the module folder and T-Engine beta 27, and put the module folder in the /game/modules/ directory of the T-Engine.

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=broken-bottle

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Run from the Shadow

Run from the Shadow is a streamlined roguelike involving a constant flight from the boss of the game, as you gradually build up the strength to face it. The game is themed around guilt, and the various ways people suppress this in real life. It was written in under 2 days and is overdue an update. It is written for beta 34 of the T-Engine.

Download: Windows standalone, module folder, T-Engine beta 34

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=shadow

Screenshots: 1


Harrowed is a very simplistic roguelike written in 1 hour for the Ludum Dare Zero Hour Game Jam 2011. I wrote it whilst drunk, so I'm personally I'm impressed it even loads. It's about as streamlined as a roguelike can get. It is written for beta 34 of the T-Engine.

Download: Windows standalone, module folder, T-Engine beta 34

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=harrowed

Screenshots: 1

sick peter

sick peter is a pretentious arty game I made in 5 hours for the Molyjam 2012. In “sick peter” you play a terminally ill four year old Jewish boy looking for his lost mother in Nazi-occupied Holland. It’s a stealth game mostly – you have to avoid the German guards whilst also managing your depleting stamina, which gets harder as your illness creeps up on you. It is written for beta 38 of the T-Engine.

Download: Windows standalone, with instruction in readme for Mac/Linux

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=sickpeter

Screenshots: 1

Me presenting the game at the London Molyjam (around 8:44:00): http://www.twitch.tv/metzopaino/b/313560199

Rogue Rage

Rogue Rage is a failed 7DRL that is still in development. You can play a beta of it now if you like though. It's designed to make ASCII look cool and to have emergent depth with a low number of controls. Innovative features include stance-based combat effects and passively attacking adjacent foes. It is written for beta 38 of the T-Engine.

Download: Windows standalone (you can also get the Mac or Linux T-Engine b38 and copy over the module folder)

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=roguerage

Screenshots: 1, 2

An early video demonstrating some player powers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvJ4sqq_b6A9

Broody Vole

You're a female vole trying to have babies and protecting your brood from vicious weasels (made in 3 hours at TIGJam last year)

Download: Windows standalone (you can also get the Mac or Linux T-Engine b40 and copy over the module folder)

F*ck This Jam

A real-time action RPG telling the dramatic tale of one man versus endless waves of demonically possessed jam. Beware the giant Jammie Dodgers! I made it for the 7-day F*ck This Jam game jam, where the challenge was to make a game in a genre you hate (I hate action RPGs). And oh, what an abomination it is! It's intense, strange, and quite charming in a subversive way. Jam jam jam jam...

Download: Windows standalone (you can also get the Mac or Linux T-Engine b43 and copy over the module folder)

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=jam

Screenshot: 1


Lay colourful mosaic tiles on a grid with your movements, trying to encase enemies in art to dispel them. Music is procedurally generated based on which parts of the map you have filled in. The game is simple to play, with 4-way movement being the only input, but it is tricky to master. It's also quite pretty sometimes!

Download: Windows, OSX, Linux

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=mosaic

Screenshot: 1

A video demonstrating some gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIcCF6vNq6s

A Let's Play video by GameHunter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-CV45LrqJ4

Monetising Children

Made for the Molyjam 2013, and based on the insights into the freemium industry by Ramin Shokrizade.

Download: Windows, OSX, Linux

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=children


Hex-based tactical game of bug elimination on an ever-changing map. Connect the nodes, destroy the gridvaders, use the powers of the DataQueen!

Downloads and more details

Latest news: http://www.gamesofgrey.com/blog/?tag=dataqueen

Screenshot: 1

Discussion on Roguelike Radio

A Let's Play video by GameHunter.